FIT Release 2024.3 – July 2024

The new FIT Release 2024.3 is now available and released for Microsoft Windows platform. Please look below for the enhancements and changes of the different modules.

The release is available for all customers with maintenance agreement and access to our Customer Information Center (CIC) for download (please create a release activity).

All customers who have no access to our CIC platform and want to download the software over CIC have to require access over the following link. Please send an email to if you want the release on a data medium.

The FIT modules as well as all additional modules are released for the Microsoft operating system Windows 2016, 2019, and 2022 Server as well Windows 10 and 11. We support also the databases Microsoft SQL Server 2017, 2019, 2022, and Oracle 12c.



  • With OPC UA NCP services, authentication via user certificates is now also possible



  • The length limitation of input fields in editing masks no longer worked correctly. This problem has been fixed.



  • With OPC UA connections now also authentication via user certificate is possible.
  • Notes can now also be created in the operation mode order report.
  • Another alternative method for determining the client host name was implemented, as the existing methods sometimes returned no or an incorrect result.
  • It is now possible to call up the order details for an order or a function key dialog from an external application.


  • The connection to some OPC UA servers failed with the error Bad_InvalidTimestamp. This problem has been fixed.


Subject to change without notice.