FIT Release 2023.3 – July 2023

The new FIT Release 2023.3 is now available and released for Microsoft Windows platform. Please look below for the enhancements and changes of the different modules. 

The release is available for all customers with maintenance agreement and access to our Customer Information Center (CIC) for download (please create a release activity).

All customers who have no access to our CIC platform and want to download the software over CIC have to require access over the following link. Please send an email to if you want the release on a data medium.

The FIT modules as well as all additional modules are released for the Microsoft operating system Windows 2012, 2016, 2019, and 2022 Server as well Windows 10 and 11. We support also the databases Microsoft SQL Server 2017, 2019, 2022, and Oracle 12c.




  • Mircosoft SQL Server 2016 is no longer supported.




  • Upgrade internal Tomcat to version 9.0.75.
  • com.aplusb.mi.filter.Siemens_840_File_Splitter now no longer crashes with an error message if a % character is used in a comment line.
  • MI_Filter: New filter to create a sub folder in the configured target directory (local and SMB).




  • Changes to web.xml files while the FIT Tomcat service was running caused web applications to malfunction or crash. This has been resolved.




  • The default sorting of records is now configurable per module.


  • The commons-text library used has been updated to version 1.10.0. This version fixes a security problem.




  • In the FIT-HI-MES Administration, when listing the use of an order availability configuration, the use for automatic order request (e.g. by OPC-UA signals) was not taken into account. This has been resolved.
  • For the action orderreportcompletion (group or single order) it is now possible to configure whether all persons logged on to the workstation or only those who are currently working on this order/group at the workstation should be displayed for selection.
  • When searching for orders in FIT-HI-MES, it is now also possible to search for several “|”-separated specifications OR-linked. When searching for date fields, it is also possible to use the operators “<“, “>” and “…”.
  • The workplace selection in FIT-HI-MES can now also be displayed in the form of tiles.


  • In operation mode assembly, the target quantity was incorrectly added to the yield quantity when using the action orderreport.
    This problem has been corrected.

Subject to change without notice.