Machine data acquisition for transparency and increased efficiency

This solution allows machine data to be collected in various ways in order to free the operator from doing so manually and to obtain precise values for clear workplace assessment. FIT-WebMDE can be used for the workplace-based (machine data collection) or, as a supplement to FIT-WebMES, order-based collection (operating data collection) of data. FIT-WebMDE is the perfect complement to FIT-WebMES and a must for precise workplace-based productivity or OEE assessment.

Collection of machine data

  • Manually using configurable buttons in the FIT-HI-MES
  • Using digital machine signals through a Web IO
  • Using software-based control interfaces, i.e. Siemens 840D with RPC, Java for more recent S7 controls, Okuma or via OPC UA Technology

Supported by the FIT-AnalyseTool, FIT-WebMDE allows you to analyse the collected machine data using key figures which, depending on the level of detail, dhow the degree of use, reject rate, productivity or OEE (workplaces efficiency) and provides full production transparency. This provides information about possible organisational or technical weaknesses.

Thanks to state-of-the-art development technologies, the user interface is completely independent from the operating system and the hardware. This means that FIT-WebMDE can be operated using standard PCs, IPCs (Industry PC), panel PCs, tablets or smartphones. The sole requirement is a browser on the device. This solution offers the basis for low-paper productions.

Like all solutions, FIT-WebMDE is based on a database (Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle) to professionally manage data and information. The available standard interface to connect to external CAM systems allows the data and information created there to be stored automatically.

FIT-WebMDE consists of the following modules

  • FIT-Base-Software
  • FIT-Workplace Management
  • FIT-Time Data Management
  • FIT-AnalyseTool
  • FIT-HI-WebMenu
  • FIT-HI-WebMenu-InfoCenter
  • FIT-MI


  • Transparency for every workplace in production
  • Standardised connection of new and older machines
  • Detailed logging of events
  • Direct link to order and time data
  • Weak point analysis using downstream key figure system
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced production costs