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About us

A+B Solutions is a leading provider of web-based solutions for DNC, BDE (Operational Data Recording), MDE (Machine Data Recording), time data management and production control, and also for PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) integrated MES (Manufacturing Execution System). FIT, the Factory Integrating Tool from A+B Solutions, integrates order data with development and product data to produce optimised production data. As a central communication tool between the ERP, CAX, PDM, HR, planning and analysis systems deployed within a company, FIT enables an efficient bridge between business management and technical IT.


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FIT features interfaces to a wide range of applications and, as a central hub, generates an end-to-end, uniform data structure for all data related to development, orders and production. This effectively eliminates all theoretical sources of error that can occur in redundant data storage systems, e.g. the use of outdated versions and missing or unauthorized resources. The fact that all data are directly interlinked yields transparent cost structures and production processes. Weak points can thus be identified and analysed in a far more targeted manner. This seamless process chain combined with maximum transparency result in optimised production and enhanced productivity. Companies can thus guarantee on-time delivery and avoid unnecessary costs.

A+B Solutions was created out of the dissolution of the former A+B Systems GmbH and thus has 40 years of experience and broad expertise in the planning and integration of solutions for production data processing and management. As a solution partner to leading providers including Siemens PLM Software, A+B Solutions is able to offer its clients end-to-end solutions: from consulting, to planning and budgeting, all the way to systems integration and service. The customers of A+B Solutions include manufacturing companies of all sizes: from small and medium-sized companies such as Wittenstein through to large corporations like Liebherr.


A+B Solutions GmbH grew out of A&B Systems GmbH, which was founded by Hans Aigner and Karl-Heinz Berger. From the very start, the company’s focus was on solutions for the manufacturing industry. Thanks to ongoing development of the manufacturing information and communications system FIT (Factory Integrating Tool), A+B Solutions GmbH is now one of Germany’s leading providers of web-based solutions for distributed numerical control, plant and machine data collection control, time data control and manufacturing control. Its customers include manufacturing companies of all sizes: from small businesses to medium-sized companies such as Wittenstein and large corporations such as Liebherr.

The company’s success is based on extensive know-how in the planning and integration of solutions for logging and controlling production. The company’s future course is built on nearly 40 years of success.

In 2003, A+B Solutions GmbH completely took over the development and business activities of A&B Systems GmbH with the aim of further strengthening the company’s leading position. With their many years of experience in the fields of CAM and production, managing partners Ralf Stetter and Gerhard Strauss are writing the next chapter in the company’s success story with the support of a capable and committed team.

For over ten years, A+B Solutions has been working successfully with Siemens PLM Software on a manufacturing solution integrated in Teamcenter that offers customers all of the advantages of a process chain right through to production.

Thanks to successful cooperation with partners in Europe and the USA, A+B Solutions GmbH also provides support to its customers far beyond Germany’s borders.