Hardware / Terminals

A+B Industry PCs

Our IPCs are manufactured in Germany and have been sold successfully for years. The Industry PCs are often used in extreme environmental conditions. For this reason, the highest requirements are our bottom line.


A+B IPC Profi S series

The A+B IPC PROFI S is designed for stationary use in an industrial environment. Particular attention was paid to producing a device that could be consistently used for the most varied of client requirements. From DNC use to BDE reports and all the way to complex visualisation.


Mobile Workstation

The use of data collection devices is constantly become more complex. In addition to conventional collection in the area of operating and machine data in a stationary environment, the focus is increasingly shifting to solution requests requiring the devices to be mobile.


Machine Connection

We use additional devices such as Com-Server++ (serial interface to the LAN) or WEB IOs (direct connection to the intranet) to connect machines and machine controls with particular requirements.

  • Com-Server++
    1 serial port to the network – transparent, fast, universal
  • Web IO 12xDigital Input, 12xDigital Output
    Industrial-suited, universal network integration of a RS232/422/485 device