Remote control with TeamViewer

For remote maintenance/remote support, we use the TeamViewer solution to be able to support you quickly, easily and securely.

Access data to Customer Center

You can also communicate with us directly via our Customer Center – supported by a ticket system – and track your request. For this to work, you will need access, which you can request via the online form.

Login CIC

Here you can log in directly with your access data in our Customer Information Center (CIC), create processes, track them and access our FAQ database.

Remote control and Online Meetings with TeamViewer


So that our service can help you quickly and easily with problems, we use TeamViewer for remote support and online meetings. For this, neither an installation nor administration rights on the PC are necessary on the customer side. All that is required is an Internet connection.

Please use the TeamViewer software for support.

Request Login data to the A+B Customer Information Center

For customers with an active maintenance contract as well as subscription or HSaaS license only:

Data protection notice

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Customer login

Login with your access data - for customers with an active maintenance contract as well as subscription or HSaaS license only:


If you haven't been registered or forgot your password, please send a short notice via the "Request Login" form.

By clicking on "Login" I have taken notice of the privacy policy and hereby agree. 

Siemens Hardware and Software Certifications

Download Excel matrices of which hardware, software and operating systems are certified with Siemens solutions.

End of maintenance for Teamcenter

Product Name                                              Release     End of maintenance

Teamcenter (Unified Architecture)              14.3.x        06/16/2025
Teamcenter (Unified Architecture)              14.2.x        12/02/2024
Teamcenter (Unified Architecture)              14.1.x        06/17/2024
Teamcenter (Unified Architecture)              14.0.x        01/07/2024
Teamcenter (Unified Architecture)              13.3.x        12/03/2023
Teamcenter (Unified Architecture)              13.2.x        06/18/2023
Teamcenter (Unified Architecture)              13.1.x        12/15/2022
Teamcenter (Unified Architecture)              13.0.x        07/10/2022
Teamcenter (Unified Architecture)              12.4.x        06/19/2022
Teamcenter (Unified Architecture)              12.3.x        01/03/2022
Teamcenter (Unified Architecture)              12.2.x        07/12/2021
Teamcenter (Unified Architecture)              12.1.x        12/21/2020
Teamcenter (Unified Architecture)              12.0.x        07/20/2020
Teamcenter (Unified Architecture)              11.6.x        06/30/2021*
Teamcenter (Unified Architecture)              11.5.x        06/20/2020
Teamcenter (Unified Architecture)              11.4.x        12/02/2019
Teamcenter (Unified Architecture)              11.3.x        05/22/2019
Teamcenter (Unified Architecture)              11.2.x        12/30/2018

* EoSM Date Extended