Teamcenter MRL

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Teamcenter MRL – Manufacturing Resource Library

Managing all tooling components and assemblies in a dedicated library

Teamcenter® manufacturing resource library is a data and process management application that manages all of your tooling components and assemblies in a dedicated library. You can also manage a wide range of additional manufacturing resource data including machine tools and fixtures, robots, welding guns and manufacturing process templates. The Manufacturing Resource Library provides a comprehensive structure under which data can be classified; it also enables you to conduct parametric search queries to retrieve the data. Users can retrieve data from the Manufacturing Resource Library and directly use this information in Teamcenter and NX™ CAM sessions. In addition, it can be configured as a standalone library system.

The Manufacturing Resource Library provides specialized storage and management of cutting tool components and assemblies. More than 300 component data classes and 70 assembly data classes are provided to store, search and select nearly every imaginable kind of cutting tool.

Vendor catalogs can be imported into reference partitions. Then specific components from those catalogs can be stored along with other customer components as currently used. In this way, multiple catalogs can be available for searching when needed, but are not in the way of day-today usage of the tooling that is normally stocked and used by a specific NC shop.

From these components, tooling assemblies can be quickly put together. Guided search capabilities filter the components so that compatible holders, extensions, collets, etc. are easily found and assembly mismatches are avoided. Search rules are configurable to maintain best practices.

Vendor updates and changes in stocked assemblies are easily managed. A component can be ‘replaced’ with an updated version, and the appropriate assemblies are automatically updated with the new information.

Case study ANDRITZ Ritz

Direct connection of design and production reduces errors and shortens non-productive time.

“Overall, non-productive time on the machines has been significantly reduced thanks to the comprehensive PLM information access on the shop floor, and employees have been able to reduce quality deviations and manufacturing errors very effectively.”
Hans-Jürgen Steeb, Head of IT and Organization, ANDRITZ Ritz