We ensure transparency in manufacturing

FIT Server Software (Factory Integrating Tool)

FIT as a comprehensive production information and MES solution

The core modules of the FIT server software are the basis of the scalable manufacturing information and MES system FIT (Factory Integrating Tool). The modules can be individually assembled to meet customer requirements. Thus, FIT always offers the right solution – for greater transparency and higher productivity.


FIT-WebDNC is a web-based solution for the connection of different machine, control and interface combinations (Ethernet, serial or protocol-based). Based on the manufacturing information stored in the FIT part data management, such as NC programs, setup sheets, clamping plans, tool lists, drawings or 3D models, any employee with access rights in work preparation, manufacturing or assembly can visualize the data via the browser-based FIT-HI user interface. NC programs are retrieved via FIT-HI-DNC or directly from the control (DirectWebDNC). Optimized NC programs can be transferred back to the part data management in order to create them there as an upload data set for e.g. NC program comparisons.


Machine Data Collection

Via this solution, machine data can be recorded in different ways to relieve operators from manual recording and to obtain precise values for a meaningful workplace analysis. FIT-WebMDE can be used for a workplace-related (machine data collection) or as a supplement to FIT-WebMES for an order-related collection (store floor data collection) of data. FIT-WebMDE is the ideal supplement to FIT-WebMES and an absolute must for an exact workplace-related productivity or OEE consideration.


The scalable web-based MES/manufacturing information system for full transparency in production

FIT-WebMES combines the information of the technical level (CAD/CAM/PLM – parts data) with the information of the commercial world (PPS/ERP – order) in one solution and under one interface for workstations, machines and workers in production.