Shop Floor Connect Resource Tracker

Your entry into tool tracking with Teamcenter

The Shop Floor Connect Resource Tracker is the consistent further development of the Teamcenter integrated DNC solution Shop Floor Connect. Besides Shop Floor Connect, the Resource Tracker is based on the Teamcenter resource management MRL (Manufacturing Resource Library).

The Resource Tracker is designed to track complete tools in Teamcenter in a simple way.

Many users are looking for a simple and automated solution to do this instead of manually managing the complete tools via Excel or paper lists. Many already manage their tool component inventory and ordering in their ERP systems. What is missing is to know which complete tools are available and where they are stored (machine magazine, cabinet, etc.) and which tools I still have to assemble and measure for the next production operation on this machine. This is exactly the gap that the Shop Floor Connect Resource Tracker fills with the following functions:

  • Creation of magazines, cabinets and tool trolleys in Teamcenter
  • Basic loading of these storage locations in connection with the Teamcenter MRL
  • Determination of tool requirements via balancing based on the storage locations and the required tools of the CAM operation
  • Generation of a tool requirement list for tool presetting or tool presetting devices
  • Provision of all required complete tool information
  • Setup overview for the machine operator
  • Loading / unloading lists of the tools and automatic rebooking of the storage locations in Teamcenter
  • and much more

Your advantages

  • Entry and advancement (e.g. to Siemens Mcenter MMR/T) into the world of physical resource management
  • Easy handling through web interface
    Integrative part of Shop Floor Connect with Teamcenter MRL
  • Current magazine occupancy at the machine visible in Teamcenter
  • All required released information at the right place at any time (machine, tool presetting)
  • Better overview for NC programmers in Teamcenter when creating CAM operations for rush jobs


  • Teamcenter MRL (Manufacturing Resource Library) as of Teamcenter version 12.4.3 or 13.1
  • Installed PM0 template
  • Shop Floor Connect current version