Teamcenter Easy Plan

Provides the right data to the right people, improving part manufacturing.

In a global manufacturing environment, manufacturers are looking for ways to shorten time-to-market, control costs, and reduce complexity to high quality. Factors such as connectivity to manufacturing engineering and production, effective management of changes, balancing assembly lines, forecasting production orders, and more must be considered in the planning and execution phases.

Teamcenter Easy Plan, a role-based planning solution, provides key functionality to support and execute manufacturing planning.



Teamcenter Easy Plan helps you increase operational efficiency, reduce manufacturing errors, and maximize your overall engineering productivity.

Based on the industry-leading Teamcenter® software Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Easy Plan helps share existing product and process information and cross-departmental workflows so you can optimize your manufacturing BOMs and processes



  • EBOM and MBOM accountability, alignment, reconciliation and visualization
  • Configuration via variants and effectiveness
  • Line balancing and uptime analysis
  • Cycle time and production rate estimationTextual work instructions and visual aids with markups
  • Error reporting and guided change management