We analyze and advise based on our many years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Consulting requires understanding. We focus on the use cases and capabilities that are most important for achieving your goals.

Project Management

We plan, manage, execute, organize and control projects in teams based on agile methods with the support of an experienced project manager.


For us, implementation is a project in which software and sometimes hardware is introduced. It includes technical implementation, configuration, testing and commissioning.


Against the background of cost efficiency, the customization of standard software is an interesting option, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, on the way to customized software that optimally maps the workflows of your company.

Consulting Services

The challenges facing manufacturing companies are growing ever larger and more complex. From increasing cost pressures, shortening delivery deadlines, growing globalisation and the fulfilment of quality requirements and legal regulations. You need an experienced partner by your side when facing these challenges.

The perfect manufacturing process doesn’t come about from one day to the next; it must be developed systematically.

With more than 35 years of experience in countless projects in the manufacturing industry, the team at A+B Solutions has the necessary skills to help you. To do so, we don’t just analyse manufacturing processes, we also look at all the neighbouring areas throughout the entire product creation process (development, planning, work preparation, production). We accompany you from the initial contact through analysis, advice, sales, project development and integration all the way to project completion. We also accompany and support you as required through the on-going modification and optimisation of your processes. That’s why we consider ourselves reliable partners for all those questions relating to parts manufacturing.

Our approach

  • An initial general as-is assessment of your current manufacturing process and all factors influencing parts manufacturing gives us a precise picture of your current processes and any gaps and initial potentials for optimisation.
  • The analysis takes place in meetings with key actors and process experts from the relevant areas and takes around one to two hours per participant.
  • This process has proven itself and guarantees that your processes are not unnecessarily hindered through day-long absences of individual employees. Depending on the size and scope of the project, this first assessment takes one to two days. We then assemble this new knowledge in a presentation (current situation, gaps, potential for optimisation, recommendations, further steps to take) given to all participants in the project. Subsequent steps for successful implementation are then mutually agreed.


Project Management

According to DIN 69901, a project is an “undertaking that is significantly defined by the uniqueness of its conditions overall, i.e. its goal or time, financial or personnel and other limitations, delineation from other undertakings or project-specific organisation”.

In any case, a project should fulfil the following criteria:

  • complex, innovative tasks
  • measurable goals & results
  • limited time period (start and end)
  • limited resources (financial, personnel, functional)
  • requires teamwork

The Project Management Institute (PMI) defines the term project management as follows (PMBOK 2004): “Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements.”

A+B Solutions supports you throughout the entire project process – from project development and presentation all the way to its implementation and in service.


Due to our long-lasting knowledge in the area of process organisation in manufacturing we may offer you an ideal support for the implementation of your projects.

  • Process analysis
  • Expert advice
  • Implementation concepts
  • Installation
  • Implementation/Training



Despite a comprehensive solution portfolio there are project requirements that demand the integration of individual functions into the software. In this case, we may help you as well.

  • Copy down of your requirements
  • Compile your specifications
  • Implementation of your requirements on the basis of the given modules for the customer solution.
  • Installation
  • Launch/Approval