Shop Floor Connect / DNC Connect / 3rd Party Integration / API and Mcenter MMR Release 2022.4 – November 2022

The new Shop Floor Connect, DNC Connect, 3rd Party Integration, API, MMR Service version 2022.4 is released and now available. Please look below for the enhancements and changes of the different modules.

The release is available for all customers with maintenance agreement and access to our Customer Information Center (CIC) for download (please create a release activity).

All customers who do not have access to our CIC platform and want to download the software over CIC have to require access over the following link. Please send an email to if you want the release on a data medium. Direct Siemens PLM Software customers can get the release from the GTAC download area.

This Shop Floor Connect Release 2022.4 supports all Teamcenter UA versions from 10.x up to the actual version Teamcenter 14.x.

Urgent Service notes

  • DNC Connect only supports the actual NX versions who are under maintenance from Siemens.
  • For customers who want to update on the Teamcenter 11.3 version or higher: From TC 11.3 and on, a new license verification will be done upon the creation of manufacturing objects like MEProcess, MEOP, MEWorkArea and their sub-types (including custom types). This check will be done on server side per Teamcenter policy and to ensure license verification. It will use two new feature keys: 1) mfg_planning_lite for verifying MEProcess, MEOP and their sub-types 2) mfg_plant_author for verifying MEWorkArea and its sub-types.
    This new license check will be done in addition to other license verification that exists today. If you don’t find them in your Teamcenter 11.3 or higher license key please get in contact with Siemens PLM.
  • The new UI Shop Floor Connect Active DNC drop support of Internet Explorer 11 and older! Please use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or the new Microsoft Edge Browser!


Shop Floor Connect / DNC Connect / 3rd Party Integration / API


  • ActiveDNC: The import dialog now supports the selection of multiple files. These are all saved as named references of the newly created Teamcenter dataset.
  • ActiveDNC: The columns of the tables with the found workpackages are now configurable for the corresponding views in UI_SearchPanel.conf, UI_SFP_OpenPanel.conf or UI_RT_TPS_OpenCAMPanel.conf.
  • ActiveDNC: The Import dialog can now also be opened in the Transfer view. This must be activated in the configuration file.
  • ActiveDNC: The columns of the table with the found datasets of a Workpackage are now configurable in UI_DNCTypeContentPanel.conf
  • ActiveDNC: In the upload dialog all files can now be selected or deselected for transfer at once.
  • ActiveDNC: Additional locales ES, FR and IT are now available.
  • ActiveDNC: The “Resource Tracker” module can now be used to remeasure a single tool (RT.ToolPresetting.Remasure). This requires an additional custom search “__RT_Find_ToolJobs” and a matching entry in the SFCQuery_conf.xml.
  • ActiveDNC: Enhancement of the setup tile – the info of the MEOperation is displayed now.
  • API: SFC_DataManagement_SetBOM_20181 and SFC_DataManagement_InsertBOMElements_20181 can now write additional BOMLine attributes.
  • Partinterface: Lines in the command file which start with a ; are also treated as comment lines and skipped.
  • Failover: The internal cache database is now restarted if it was terminated unexpectedly.
  • Tomcat update to version 9.0.65.


  • SFC-Core: Additional log messages from the internal connection pool.
  • SFCCore: The configuration key ‘MF_ActivityStep_Types’ was not used by ActiveDNC. This has been fixed
  • ActiveDNC: The automatic logout in the TransferStatus view did not work. This error has been fixed.
  • ActiveDNC: Fixed a problem in the shop floor programming view where SaveAs and “Assign New Number” addressed the wrong number generator (the type of revision was passed instead of the item).
  • ActiveDNC: When a file is to be imported into a read-only ItemRevision, no error message was displayed until now.
  • ActiveDNC: Fixed a problem where only 127 “html/InputValue” entries were possible in the SFCQuery_conf.xml for a “searchCriteria”. Now up to 32767 entries are possible.
  • ActiveDNC: Previously, the auth/login.xhtml did not check whether the session was still valid. After the configured timeout has expired, the “Session expired” page is now also displayed here.
  • ActiveDNC / Failover: When logging out from ActiveDNC in failover mode, a logout request was sent to TCSS if the TCSS connection was enabled, which ended in the display of the TCSS login page. This logout request is no longer sent in failover mode.
  • Failover: Fixed a problem where SFC incorrectly switched to failover mode if a value greater than 0 was set for automatic switching, but CacheMode was set to “Off”.
  • Part interface: The error “No free Session during timeout period received” was no longer caught and the last action was not repeated after a time delay, but an error file was generated and the operation was aborted. This has been fixed, the part data interface now tries again to repeat the last command.
  • Part interface: If a complete file name (e.g. ‘info.spf’) was configured as “Command file pattern”, all other possibly existing *.spf files were also found (and deleted afterwards). This error has been fixed.
  • Part Interface: Use configured value of Teamcenter preference ‘TC_BOM_Precision_Preference’ when creating a new BOMView.


Mcenter MMR Service


  • Common: When executing PerformEPMTaskAction (completing a transfer task in Teamcenter), the system now waits 5 seconds in case of an error and then repeats the request a maximum of 4 times. If the action still cannot be executed, the task will be skipped.
  • MFG_MMR: The value for PathOnTheMachine for a file can now be configured via the (optional) configuration dataset “MMR-Config” at the Teamcenter workplace revision. The key name is: “NcProgram.PathOnTheMachine”. The default value is: {$WorkPieces}/{$PackageName}
  • MMR/Tools (Plan tool needs): It’s now possible to configure ItemID of the assigned MRL tool as “Tool name in NC program”: MENCToolActivityAttribute:MRLToolID
  • MMR /Programs: Additional configuration information for an MMR/Programs machine can now be saved in Teamcenter as a text dataset at the corresponding workplace revision.


  • MFG_MMR: The configuration entry “MMR.Programs.Upload.Revision.wasProductive” is now optional. If the entry is not present, this flag is no longer checked.
  • MFG_MMR: Error in the log output for “Upload of modified Programs is” was fixed. The log output was always “enabled” although the upload was not activated.
  • MFG_MMR: If the previous configuration entry for ‘ToolPlan.ToolIdent’ is used, a message is now printed in the log file indicating the new configuration key ‘ToolPlan.Item.ToolValueOverwrites.ToolIdent.’
  • MFG_MMR: Additional configuration parameters “MMR.Programs.NCPackage.create.status” and
    “MMR.Programs.NCPackage.overwrite.status”. The status of a new NcRevision can be specified by this. Up to now this was fixed on the value 1 (Published). Possible are 0 (Unpublished) and 1 (Published).
  • MMR/Programs: Fixed an issue where optimized NcRevisions were not found for upload to Teamcenter.




  • For uploading a directory as a ZIP archive, there is now a configuration option to pack only the content of the directory into the ZIP file instead of the directory.
  • Upgrade internal Tomcat to version 9.0.65.


  • WuT COMServer: When the COM server is restarted by a longer power interruption, the MI could not re-establish the connection. The message “The COM server is currently used by “” ” was repeatedly output in the log file. This problem has been fixed.

Subject to change without notice.