Shop Floor Connect, DNC Connect, 3rd Party Integration, API, MMR Service Release 2022.2

The new Shop Floor Connect, DNC Connect, 3rd Party Integration, API, MMR Service version 2022.2 is released and now available. Please look below for the enhancements and changes of the different modules.

The release is available for all customers with maintenance agreement and access to our Customer Information Center (CIC) for download (please create a release activity).

All customers who do not have access to our CIC platform and want to download the software over CIC have to require access over the following link. Please send an email to if you want the release on a data medium. Direct Siemens PLM Software customers can get the release from the GTAC download area.

This Shop Floor Connect Release 2022.2 supports all Teamcenter UA versions from 10.x up to the actual version Teamcenter 13.x.

Urgent Service notes

  • DNC Connect only supports the actual NX versions who are under maintenance from Siemens.
  • For customers who want to update on the Teamcenter 11.3 version or higher: From TC 11.3 and on, a new license verification will be done upon the creation of manufacturing objects like MEProcess, MEOP, MEWorkArea and their sub-types (including custom types). This check will be done on server side per Teamcenter policy and to ensure license verification. It will use two new feature keys: 1) mfg_planning_lite for verifying MEProcess, MEOP and their sub-types 2) mfg_plant_author for verifying MEWorkArea and its sub-types.
    This new license check will be done in addition to other license verification that exists today. If you don’t find them in your Teamcenter 11.3 or higher license key please get in contact with Siemens PLM.
  • The new UI Shop Floor Connect Active DNC drop support of Internet Explorer 11 and older! Please use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or the new Microsoft Edge Browser!


Shop Floor Connect /DNC Connect / 3rd Party Integration / API


  • ActiveDNC: First version of the “tool setup” tilefor a workplace from module ResourceTracker.
  • ActiveDNC: In the Resourcetracker module, it is now possible to open a tool directly from the balancing result view and display its data.
  • ActiveDNC: Support of additional localization file /WEB-INF/conf/locale_user_XX.xml to set own text values which are not overwritten by the next update.
  • ActiveDNC: New configuration parameter ‘ShopFloorProgramming.PasteNewItemTo’ to reference a new item created in shop floor programming to the Home / NewStuff / ShopfloorPrograms folder.
  • ActiveDNC: It’s now possible to sort the tool list of a MENCProgram group (Activity) based on a column.
  • ActiveDNC: The custom input field configuration in ShopFloor Programming view supports now also select boxes.
  • ActiveDNC: Workpackage and (yet new) BOMLine attributes are now available in the resource tab of a selected resource.
  • Upgrade internal Tomcat to version 9.0.59
  • Admin-HI: Enhancement of the MTC configuration page: The port is now changeable and an additional flag for secure connection (HTTPS) has been introduced.
  • SFCAdmin: Removed FTP-User configuration tab from User management. This feature is not required anymore.
  • Install: The order of the tabs in the installation wizard has been changed. The Windows services are now installed as the last action. Also, the option to install the SFC_FTPService has been removed because it is no longer needed internally.
  • MTC: The connection of an external MTC server can now be done via HTTPS.
  • Core: A new SFCInterface (MTC) Item will now use the Teamcenter number generator to create the ItemID. The previously used “IP:Port:ID” schema will only be used as object_name, not for the ItemID anymore.
    Existing Items in Teamcenter will not be changed and can operate with the assigned name!
    External Teamcenter client applications, which read the SFCInterface configuration directly from Teamcenter must be checked to use the object_name instead of the item_id!


  • ActiveDNC: Shopfloor programming/SaveAs did not previously use the configured item type when requesting a new ID from the number generator.
  • ActiveDNC: Fixed a problem in the SaveAs implementation of the shopfloor programming. A new MEOP-based item was locked in the current session and could not be deleted e.g. via a Teamcenter RichClient opened in parallel.
  • ActiveDNC: Fix a issue which causes freezing of the “Resources” tab if there are <<UNREADABLE>> BOMLines inside the workpackage.
  • ActiveDNC: Minor fixes in Import Dialog
  • ActiveDNC: Fix NullPointer when accessing description value of the workpackage on SaveAs via ShopFloor programming view.
  • ActiveDNC: Fixed an issue in the download popup where a text value was only available in german localization.
  • ActiveDNC: Fixed a layout issue in Resource tab where a huge list previously scrolls also the command bar out of the visibly view.
  • ActiveDNC: Fixed a problem in PLMVisWeb Viewer (JT Viewer) related to reverse proxies. The 3D model was not displayed in some circumstances, only an empty panel.
  • SFC-Core: Switch logging from log4j to SLF4J/logback. The new configuration file is ‘logback.xml’ of the webapp ‘SOAPWrapper’.
    The obsolete configuration file ‘’ will not be converted but also not be deleted! This file will be removed in a later release update.
  • SFCCore: When loading a BOM of a non-MEOP revision the Teamcenter preference PSEAutoPackPref is now respected. This affects the newer API functions used by ActiveDNC. External connections (ToolServices) may be also affected by this change. BOMs have always been returned unpacked so far.
  • SFCCore: The upload of an (optimized) NC program is sometimes aborted with a java.lang.refect.InvocationTargetException if sending a Teamcenter envelope is enabled and configured for the newly created dataset. This error will now be caught and a message will be written to the logfile.
  • SFCCore: Fixed an issue that caused a workplace to be displayed with an empty ID and the name “${record.getName()”.
  • SFCCore: SOAPLogTransfer use now primarily “PM0DNCTransferLog” (if available) and “AplusB Transfer Log” as fall back.
  • Failover V2: Fixed a NullPointerException which may occurred when download a file.
  • Admin-HI: When a machine interface with an assigned workstation was deleted, this workstation could not be assigned to any other machine interface afterwards – it was missing in the selection list. This problem has been fixed.
    If a machine interface is deleted now, the assigned workstation is available for selection again afterwards.
  • Admin-HI: Removal of support for the deprecated standalone “Webadapter” application. This was replaced by the MI server.
    17. If the connection to the internal CacheDB cannot be established when starting the SFC-ServerService, the stop script for stopping the CacheDB was previously not executed when the SFC_ServerService was subsequently stopped. This could result in the CacheDB process continuing to run and files being locked. This problem has been fixed.


MMR Service


  • General: In the configuration file of a connector it is now sufficient to specify the MMR OpennessTokenFile. Data such as IP, port and protocol of the MMR server are now determined from this. The configuration entries “MMR.Server.IP”, “MMR.Server.Port” and “MMR.Server.url.prefix” are no longer necessary.
  • MMR-Programs: The newly created NC package is now assigned a CNC machine again, if it has been configured (see doc).
  • MMR-Programs: Adaptation to the new API V5 of MMR-Programs. At least MMR version 5.2 is now required. Earlier versions of MMR are no longer supported.
  • MMR Tools: After updating a tool master data set, the changes can be propagated to the existing tool instances. For this purpose, new entries have been added to the configuration file /conf/MRL_MMR/MRL2MMR.mapping.assembly.attributes .properties(.default) (ToolClass.Propagate).




  • Upgrade internal Tomcat to version 9.0.59.


Subject to change without notice.