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Products and Services

FIT-Server-Software (Factory Integrating Tool)

The FIT base software is the basic module on which the individual server modules build and with which all data and information are administered and organised in Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle databases. The central component of the FIT base software is a unified user administration via which groups and rights can be configured and related workstations can be controlled. ... more


FIT-WebDNC is a web-based solution for the integration of various machine control and interface combinations (Ethernet, serial or protocol-based). Using the production information stored in FIT-Parts Data Management such as NC programmes, tooling sheets, clamping plans, tool lists, drawings or 3D, any authorised employee from work preparation, production or assembly can view the data using the browser-based FIT-HI user interface. ... more


This solution allows machine data to be collected in various ways in order to free the operator from doing so manually and to obtain precise values for clear workstation assessment. FIT-WebMDE can be used for the workstation-based (machine data collection) or, as a supplement to FIT-WebMES, order-based collection (operating data collection) of data. ...more


  • FIT-WebDNC - Distributed Numerical Control
    Web-based solution for the integration of various machine control and interface combinations.   ... more
  • FIT-WebMDE - Machine Data Capture
    FIT-WebMDC is the perfect complement to FIT-WebMES and a must for precise workstation-based productivity or OEE assessment. ... more
  • FIT-AnalyseTool - Production Controlling based on key figures
    The FIT-AnalyseTool uses the plant and machine data acquired in FIT and analyses and visualises it based on key figures on the foundation of VDI 3423. This is the basis for permanent production controlling. ... more

Additional FIT - Factory Integrating Tool - modules

Additional modules and options for FIT-WebDNC, FIT-WebMDE, FIT-WebMES, FIT-CapaTool and FIT-AnalyseTool ... more

Production Planning and Control

  • FIT-CapaTool
    The FIT-CapaTool module provides the possibility for detailed manufacturing control and planning of the manufacturing orders based on capacities and resources (manpower/machines/workplaces). By using an electronic planning board, the current utilisation and planning of the manufacturing orders as well as the personnel situation can be visualised and rescheduling undertaken. ...more

  •  Opcenter APS - Advanced Planning and Scheduling
    The current trends in manufacturing or production require costs to be reduced through reduced inventories. At the same time, it is necessary to react to shorter lead times in order to meet customer requirements. ... more

PLM for Manufacturing

  • Teamcenter Part Planner
    Teamcenter software's manufacturing process management solution provides Part Planner capabilities for enabling manufacturing engineers, NC programmers, tool designers and managers to work in a managed environment with built-in applications for creating outline process plans, managing and associating tools, and creating reports targeted at part manufacturing. ... more
  • Shop Floor Connect for Teamcenter
    Shop Floor Connect for Teamcenter integrates users in manufacturing, assembly and other areas of the production environment into the Teamcenter PLM system. The manufacturing and assembly information (NC programmes, tooling sheets, drawings, assembly instructions, etc.) that are released for the operators can be visualised and requested as well as returned via a simple browser-based user interface. ... more

  • Teamcenter MRL - Manufacturing Resource Library
    Teamcenter manufacturing resource library is a data and process management application that manages all of your tooling components and assemblies in a dedicated library. ... more
  • 3rd Party CAM Integrator
    With the 3rd party integration platform, CAM or MES systems can be connected to Teamcenter, but also simulation, flexible manufacturing, automation and measuring systems as well as solutions for physical tool management. ... more

NX CAM to Shopfloor

Especially for users of 3D CAM systems, there is a further degree of complexity relating to the amount of data to be created. CAM can easily turn one part data set from construction into more than 1,000. This amount of data must be kept under control. ... more


  • Consulting  
    we don't just analyse manufacturing processes, we also look at all the neighbouring areas throughout the entire product creation process (development, planning, work preparation, production). We accompany you from the initial contact through analysis, advice, sales, project development and integration all the way to project completion. ...more
  • Project Management
    A+B Solutions supports you throughout the entire project process – from project development and presentation all the way to its implementation and in service.    ... more
  • Implementation & Customization
    Long-term knowledge in the area of process organisation in manufacturing we can ensure an ideal support for project implementation and the integration of individual functions into software solutions. ... more


  • A+B industrial PCs
    Our industrial PC's are manufactured in Germany with many years of experience in industrial hardware development. The A+B IPC Profi S is designed for stationary use in industrial environments, the mobile workstation primarily serves to optimise workflows. ... more

  • Add On devices for the Machine Connection
    We offer additional devices such as Com-servers (serial interface to LAN) or Web-IO’s (direct connection to intranet) for machine connection and machine control with specific requirements. ... more