umati has new partner A+B Solutions GmbH

umati (universal machine technology interface) is a community of the mechanical engineering industry and its customers for the promotion and dissemination of open, standardized interfaces based on OPC UA. umati enables the exchange of data between machines, components and plants as well as their integration into customer- and user-specific IT ecosystems – simply, seamlessly and securely. An initiative to tap new potential for the production of the future – worldwide.

What expectations do you have of umati, what do you expect from the partnership?

Specifically, we expect that the use of UMATI will simplify and thus accelerate the machine integration and data exchange processes. This means that the effort and costs for the integration of machines can be reduced, so that there are fewer obstacles to overcome on the way to digitised manufacturing. The more companies participate in UMATI, the easier it is for the end user to use Industry 4.0 technologies. For A+B, we hope to increase visibility as a competent partner and software provider and to generate further contacts and projects.

What advantages does umati offer your company and your customers?

By using UMATI for machine connections, the development effort for A+B can be reduced. This makes it possible to create so-called OOTB (Out of the Box) solutions. This saves our customers investment costs and at the same time offers them investment security through manufacturer independence.

How do you evaluate the expansion of the umati initiative to the entire mechanical engineering industry?

By extending UMATI to the entire mechanical engineering sector, more companies and machine manufacturers can benefit from the advantages of a standardised interface. This means that companies, regardless of the industry and manufacturer can communicate and collaborate with each other more easily. In addition, the expansion of UMATI offers the possibility of continuous data collection and analysis across the entire production chain, which can lead to better decision making and a more efficient production process. Overall, the expansion of UMATI can contribute to advancing digitalisation in mechanical engineering and make the benefits of Industry 4.0 technologies accessible to a wider range of companies.


Ralf Stetter, A+B Solutions, Jakob Albert, VDMA and Gerhard Strauss, A+B Solutions.