Machine Connection

For the machine connection and machine control with specific requirements, we use additional devices such as Com-servers++ (serial interface to LAN) or Web-IO’s (direct connection to intranet). For further details, do not hesitate to contact us.

1 serial port to the network – transparent, fast, universal


Com-Server++Product features

  • Industrial-strength, universal network integration of an RS232/422/485 device
  • Supply using Power-over-Ethernet or external 24-48VDC
    ○  12-48VDC on request
    ○  Please order external power supply as separate accessory
  • Quick startup using EasyStart!
  • Remotely configurable via Web Based Management, Telnet, SNMP or Controlsocket
  • RS232, RS422, RS485 selectable –   20mA/TTY version see Com-Server Highspeed 20mA
  • Serial bit rate up to 230.4 kBit/s
  • 10/100BaseT autonegotiating
  • ++ Wake-on-LAN … Com-Server starts the computer as needed
  • Transparent communication per Windows COM Port Redirector, Box-to-Box, TCP server socket or OPC server
  • Expanded protocol support – FTP client and server, Telnet client and server, UDP peer, SLIP
  • Conforms to standards both in office and industrial environments:
    ○  Increased noise immunity for industrial areas
    ○  Stricter noise emission for residential and commercial areas
  • 5 year guarantee

Example Web-IO 12xDigital Input, 12xDigital Output


e-57736-01-piwwProduct features

  • Network connection: 10/100BaseT autosensing, RJ45
  • Web-Based Management
  • 6V – 30V digital industry-standard output
    • Current sourcing FET
    • 12-bit at 0.5A each, grouping of 2 or 4 possible in order to increase switching current
    • Short circuit proof due to the programmable logic functions
  • Digital industry-standard inputs
    • Type 1, current sinking in accordance with IEC 1131-2
    • Galvantically isolated into 3 groups
    • Protected against polarity reversal
    • Counter inputs for events (pulse with min. 1 ms)
    • 12 alarm conditions for SNMP-Traps and e-mail
  • Box-to-Box Mode
  • RS232 as an optional configuration access
  • Software interfaces
    • HTTP, Web-Browser
    • AJAX, JavaScript and Java-Applet
    • TCP- and UDP-Sockets, Client and Server
    • OPC-Server
    • SMTP (E-Mail)
    • SNMP (inclusive Trap)
    • SYSLOG
    • FTP (Datalogging)