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Teamcenter Part Planner

Providing the right people with the right data to improve the part manufacturing

Part PlannerTeamcenter software's manufacturing process management solution provides Part Planner capabilities for enabling manufacturing engineers, NC programmers, tool designers and managers to work in a managed environment with built-in applications for creating outline process plans, managing and associating tools, and creating reports targeted at part manufacturing. This application links the tasks of manufacturing planning while extending data access to the shop floor. With faster access to the right data from a common information platform, users are able to improve communications, eliminate errors and save time during the piece-part manufacturing planning process.

An effective manufacturing plan includes information that describes what is being manufactured, how it will be manufactured, what resources will be required during manufacturing and where it will be produced. This information resides in various files created by the manufacturing planning department that includes the part file, NC programs, shop documentation, tool lists, specifications and drawings. For optimal part manufacturing efficiency, plan data and processes must be properly managed and connected in an environment that all players in the manufacturing organization can access to communicate and collaborate with each other during the manufacturing planning process, as well as to locate the information they need for this process.


  • Save time planning for piece-part manufacturing
  • Reduce cost of errors and improve quality
  • Access the right data faster
  • Improve communication across manufacturing disciplines
  • Manage manufacturing planning processes

Business challenges

  • Reducing planning and manufacturing costs
  • Shortening product planning cycles
  • Improving product and process quality
  • Effectively managing regulatory compliance requirements
  • Working with geographically dispersed teams


  • Manage manufacturing related data, files, documentation
  • Leverage 3D product data in manufacturing planning
  • Manage ptp, shop doc, clsf, template files
  • Re-use tooling and fixtures
  • Capture and classify best practices for later use


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