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3rd Party CAM Integrator

Those who use Teamcenter as a central PLM platform for their data, information and processes would like all systems along the process chain to be integrated in Teamcenter in order to receive current data and manage the generated data. Everyone talks about MultiCAD integration, we also talk about MultiCAM and integration of the manufacturing systems. With the 3rd Party Integrator, A+B Solutions has developed another module for digitizing the production process chain for Siemens PLM.

With the 3rd party integration platform, CAM or MES systems can be connected to Teamcenter, but also simulation, flexible manufacturing, automation and measuring systems as well as solutions for physical tool management.

The 3rd Party CAM Integrator consists of 3 components:

  • 3rd Party Data Management in Teamcenter
    Integration of external systems in Teamcenter for information, creating and downloading data, creating items and new revisions, user login and much more.

  • 3rd Party access to Teamcenter MRL
    Connection of CAM or simulation systems to the Teamcenter resource management system MRL (Manufacturing Resource Library) for the use of tools and clamping devices during NC programming or simulation of machining paths.

  • 3rd Party Tool Data Mapping
    If the 3rd party solution connected to Teamcenter MRL requires special data and information preparation for using the tools, this can be configured with the Mapping Tool. The Mapping Tool can also be used to migrate other tool management solutions to Teamcenter MRL.

The integration of 3rd party solutions in Teamcenter can take place in different stages. Direct integration of the external system requires the cooperation of the corresponding solution provider.

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