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PLM - Product Lifecycle Management

plmIn today’s global market, which is clearly marked by competition, leading companies must develop and offer first-class products. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) makes this possible. An enterprise-wide PLM system increases product and process innovation by making it possible for your company to develop and market successful products.

Teamcenter® is the most frequently used PLM system worldwide. Teamcenter opens the way for more innovation and productivity. This is enabled by connecting the persons and processes involved in the product lifecycle to the necessary knowledge in order to be able to work effectively in a globally-oriented product lifecycle. The tried-and-tested Teamcenter solutions for digital product lifecycle management are based on an open PLM platform.

With the functions from Teamcenter Manufacturing for the management of manufacturing processes, you can manage your knowledge of manufacturing data, processes, resources, and systems in the PLM environment, which you also use for product development. Design and manufacturing teams can use these functions for collaboration and increasing efficiency over the entire product lifecycle using the Part Planner module for planning and provision of the necessary and released data in the manufacturing process as well as the ResourceManager module as an enterprise-wide platform for the management of existing and applied manufacturing resources.

Teamcenter Part Planner

Make the right data available to the right people to improve parts production

Efficient and precise parts production according to specifications requires the production plan to be defined using current data. The production plan describes what is being produced and how, what resources are required and where production is taking place. ... more

Shop Floor Connect for Teamcenter (SFC)

Data flow all the way to the machine and operator – and back

Integration of production, assembly and other areas into the production environment with Teamcenter® PLM solution from Siemens Digital Industries Software. Shop Floor Connect for Teamcenter is a unique tool that, as an integrated part of this solution, seamlessly extends the process chain into the production process – without the need for interfaces or extra data storage. ... more

Teamcenter MRL

Simple management of tool data, clamping tools, machines, etc.

The Teamcenter Manufacturing Resource library is a comprehensive solution to manage your operating resources. It offers a fixed classification structure for tool components and complete tools on the basis of DIN 4003/ISO 13399 and for technology data. ... more

3rd Party CAM Integrator

Those who use Teamcenter as a central PLM platform for their data, information and processes would like all systems along the process chain to be integrated in Teamcenter in order to receive current data and manage the generated data. ... more