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Montblanc: Continuous processes through to the machine

At Montblanc, craftsmanship is writ large – by hand, of course. The high-quality writing implements with their distinctive star are still largely handmade. Efficiently organised mechanical production is thus all the more important for this luxury brand where it is used. The software Shop Floor Connect for Teamcenter from A+B Solutions ensures that the correct NC programs are always available at the machine during the processing of precious materials.

You would think that the fountain pen would be facing extinction in an era in which the whole world communicates via e-mail and text messages. Nothing could be further from the truth. Made from high-quality materials and in strictly limited editions, it has become a widely sought-after collector's item, and some passionate collectors would pass on a luxury limousine to get their hands on one. Thanks to the huge demand, Artisan Atelier, which is responsible for the production of single articles and small series of fewer than 100 items at Montblanc, has grown rapidly in its ten years of existence: "We started with seven employees and four writing implements per month," explains Marco Simon, Head of CAM Programming and Prototype Construction at Montblanc's Artisan Atelier. "Now we have over 65 employees and, in good months, produce more than 180 writing implements."

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The NC programs are created using the software NX CAM, the advantage of which is that programs can be more quickly updated when components are changed.




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Using the finest materials, Montblanc's Artisan Atelier designs and manufactures exclusive individual items and small series, such as the Tchaikovsky model.



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Marco Simon with Anja Bohm, who is inspecting a fountain pen with a magnifying glass.
At least 50 percent of work is done by hand.




The components of the writing implements are milled in Hamburg using high-precision micro-milling machines and machining centres. 80 percent of the high-quality materials end up as shavings.