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Easy Control and Coordination of all Manufacturing Resources


Globalisation and general economic, as well as ecological conditions, are posing ever-greater challenges to the manufacturing industry. Customer orientation in manufacturing companies is thus becoming increasingly important. Related to this is a greater diversity and complexity of products, which also affects the production process accordingly. Smaller batch sizes have to be processed even more effectively with existing resources. Short scheduled delivery dates and absolute adherence to deadlines are an absolute MUST!  Unfortunately, many planners or dispatchers cannot access up-to-date information from the manufacturing process. The actual task of manufacturing control (defining capacities, manufacturing progress, monitoring compliance with deadlines, balanced utilisation of resources) can therefore only be approached with a great deal of experience based on a “gut feeling”.

Beyond the possibilities of a PPS system, the FIT-CapaTool can help to plan the utilisation of machines with manufacturing orders, maintain an overview of the required employees and determine delivery dates. An up-to-date mapping of production as well as transparency is created in the planning process from the current feedback from manufacturing using plant data acquisition or the order feedback in order to be able to make well-founded decisions. Moreover, the electronic planning board is an interactive tool in order to be able to also intervene manually in the planning situation.

Manufacturing Planning and Control

The FIT-CapaTool module provides the possibility for detailed manufacturing control and planning of the manufacturing orders based on capacities and resources (manpower/machines/workplaces). By using an electronic planning board, the current utilisation and planning of the manufacturing orders as well as the personnel situation can be visualised and rescheduling undertaken.


  • Precise manufacturing control based on online data regarding current resources (human/machine/workstation).
  • Dynamic illustration of manufacturing, order and project situations online
  • Integrated in FIT-WebMES
  • Optimisation of added value and safeguarding of supply reliability
  • Increased productivity


Author licence for the production control for configuration/administration and the planners who must actively intervene in the planning process to make changes or to accommodate personnel availability. Visualisation and planning of orders including order processes, machines, availability and capacities. Each named user who wishes to actively plan requires a FIT-CapaTool-Author licence.


Visualisation licence for employees who only wish to or are only permitted to view the planning and planning board and are not actively involved in the planning. The module is intended to provide information to all employees not active in planning but who need to know the current status of production and the individual orders. Every named user requires a FIT-CapaTool-Consumer licence.