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 Our Hardware Partners





Thanks to our years of experience, we have become true professionals in industrial hardware development. The result is evident in the top quality of the systems and the huge satisfaction of our customers in KUMATRONIK Automatisierungssysteme GmbH from 1982, then in its successor KUMATRONIK Industrieprodukte GmbH from 1995, and in FORSIS since 2006.

Countless processors operating reliably under difficult conditions bear our name. All of our devices are designed for continuous operation, 24/7. We specialise in manufacturing industries, hygiene-sensitive industries and mobile data recording. We are also happy to provide you with identification devices, mobile data recording with radio data transmission, and embedded solutions.

Your needs are important to us. That is why our systems are developed through dialogue with our customers. You can rest assured that we will remain a reliable partner to you, even after completion of the system. You will also find a competent contact available to you in the long term for your questions, maintenance concepts and connection activities.

Schwanenstraße 5
D-88214 Ravensburg


W&T develops, produces and sells durable microcomputers that connect data interfaces, networks and IO points.

Wiesemann & Theiss
Porschestr. 12
42279 Wuppertal