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FIT Release 2020-1 - January 2020

The new FIT Release 2020.1 is now available and released for Microsoft Windows platform. The release is available for all customers with maintenance agreement and access to our Customer Information Center (CIC) for download (please create a release activity).

All customers who have no access to our CIC platform and want to download the software over CIC have to require access over the following link. Please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want the release on a data medium.

The FIT modules as well as all additional modules are released for the Microsoft operating system Windows 2012, 2016 and 2019 Server as well Windows 8 and 10. We support also the databases Microsoft SQL Server 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019 and Oracle 12c.



  • In V2019.4 the switch to the 64-bit version of OpenJDK was erroneously offered on 32bit Windows operating systems. This has been fixed.
    On older operating systems (Windows Server 2008 / 2008 R2), the already installed Java version is now still used, since OpenJDK 11 does not support these platforms.
  • Problems updating very old FIT-HI Server versions (before V2012.1) have been resolved



  • FIT-MES administration, FIT-MI administration, MI control, AnalyseTool and CapaTool can now be started directly from the FIT web menu.
  • Key fields are now specially indicated in the masks. These must be unique for each data record.
  • FIT-HI licenses can now be reserved for the WebMenu. These cannot then be used by FIT-HI-DNC or FIT-HI-MES.
  • In the hall layout, besides workplaces also associated orders will be displayed. The orders will be updated in the background (without flickering)


  • The presentation of the Operation generator configuration has been adjusted



  • The workplace selection is now loaded and displayed faster
  • An example template is now included for saving the uploading workplace in fields of the upload part record.



  • It is now possible to cyclically read and book variables such as temperature values via OPC UA servers.
  • It is now possible to enter a comment for each assigned computer or user.


  • If the reading of data via REST services was configured at a workstation, this was erroneously incorporated into each signal configuration that was updated or created at this workstation. This problem has been fixed.
  • At workplaces with less than 4 characters in the workplace group or less than 2 characters in the workplace number, SOAP signals could not be correctly assigned and booked under certain circumstances. This problem has been solved.



  • AnalyseTool can now also be started from WebMenu.



  • The CapaTool Setup for Java 11 32/64bit is now available.

Subject to change without notice.