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FIT Release 2017.4 - October 2017

The new FIT Release 2017.4 is now available and released for Microsoft Windows platform. Please look below for the enhancements and changes of the different modules.

The release is available for all customers with maintenance agreement and access to our Customer Information Center (CIC) for download (please create a release activity). All customers who have no access to our CIC platform and want to download the software over CIC have to require access over the following Link an.

Please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want the release on a data medium.

The FIT modules as well as all additional modules are released for the Microsoft operating system Windows 2012 and 2016 Server (also Version R2) as well Windows 7, 8 and 10. We support also the databases Microsoft SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016 and Oracle 12c.



  • Additional configuration property WaitUntilSendBufferIsEmpty.InitialWaitTime to fix issue where "Transfer ready" status was reported while serial transfer was still in progress. This is only an issue with WuT COMServer++, Firmware 1.40 and newer.



  • When detecting the Windows user logged on now additional debug messages are written to the log files.
  • In the request and upload phase now a number of additional data fields can be used.


  • With record modifications via the FIT-WebMenu the user was not written to the FIT logbook. This has been fixed.



  • It is now possible to configure which fields are to be transferred to ExcelLive and whether the 'Save' button should be displayed.
  • In the administration now a systeminfo with a listing of the installed software versions can be displayed and saved as a text file.
  • Now in the search results list (parts, orders, or time data) per line a preview image can be displayed (if a image is available).
  • In the search form now a help can be displayed.


  • The automatic logon with the current windows user didn't work anymore with newer versions of Internet Explorer. This problem has been resolved.
  • ExcelLive now works with HTTPS.
  • CleanDataExecutor can be configured in process.dat to delete Excel-Live-Data for inactive sessions.



  • In operation mode assembly it is now possible to prevent that one person processes multiple orders/order groups at a time.
  • It is now possible to write the calculated rest quantity to a OPC UA variable.
  • It is now possible to start FIT-HI-DNC with a different file preselection dependent on signal status.


  • With action failure booking under certain circumstances time data records were not properly closed. This problem has been resolved.
  • In operation mode assembly with action orderreportcompletion the durations were not distiributed correctly.This problem has been resolved.
  • In operation mode order report with certain configurations the cursor had not been set into the first input box automatically. This problem has been resolved.



  • In the report "Analyse MDA data" the activities with duration =0 are no longer listed in the graphic.
  • The temporary files "*.jpg" from the "chart"-directory are now automatically deleted.
  • Open time records can be considered.

Subject to change without notice.