Additional FIT - Factory Integrating Tool - modules

fit-zusatzmoduleAdditional modules and options for FIT-WebDNC, FIT-WebMDE, FIT-WebMES, FIT-CapaTool and FIT-AnalyseTool


The FIT-NC-Editor offers the NC programmer the possibility to compare original NC programmes and those optimised by the machine in the FIT-HI-WebMenu. Modifications are marked accordingly. The user can also re-number the NC programme for comparison, rename the upload NC programme to the original, copy lines or blocks back and forth between the NC programmes or add additional lines. For the operator at the machine, the FIT-HI-DNC user interface provides the possibility of comparing an original and uploaded data set.


So that production orders can be transferred from the superimposed PPS/ERP systems to the FIT-WebMES solution as sequences of operations and be released through corresponding activity messages, FIT-ERPConnect offers the possibility of communication with these solutions. FIT-ERPConnect offers various possibilities for communication, i.e. text files, database exchange tables or PP-PDC. Connections to different systems are already successfully in use (SAP, Baan, PSI Penta, Navision, ProAlpha and many more). The corresponding messages and settlements with the PPS/ERP systems can be take place online or according to a schedule (i.e. hourly, every half day or once per day).


The configurable FIT-CAMIntegrator, which directly stores them, is available to connect and automatically transfer data created by CAM systems to the FIT-Parts Data Management, such as NC programmes, tooling sheets, tool lists or clamping plans. The storage of parts information also provides the opportunity for updates to a part's data set as well as version control. Automated importing of old data from data in existing management structures is also supported.


FIT-Excel-Live! Integration offers the possibility of exporting database information selected via search criteria from the FIT-HI-WebMenu extension directly into an Excel file and to edit it there. Saving then automatically updates these data in the database. This function is ideal for mass data changes.


The FIT-HI modules are a variety of web-based user interfaces optimised for the corresponding users. Licensing is via a Concurrent User licence for all FIT-HI modules. That means that the number of licences required is equal to the number of FIT-HI interfaces active at the same time. The following FIT-HI user interfaces are available:


The software-based connection to machine controls. FIT-MI supports various interfaces for the two-way transfer of NC programmes, tool data and machine statuses:

Every connected machine requires a FIT-MI licence to communicate with the corresponding FIT modules.